Independent Movement Experience with the other Senses




Independent movement, spatial legibility, multi-sensory, multiple perceptions, sensory maps


According to Lynch (Lynch, 1960, 1997), who uses legibility as a reference to easily recognize and remember a space, the more the environment supports envisioning, the more legible it is.

It can be seen that the students who are studying design, have developed imagination with the sense of seeing. This illusion leads students to be concerned only with the effects of visual sense in the design process.

Selçuk University faculty of Architecture organized panel and workshops “Thinking with the Universal design" which included “direction finding” group study with students using smell, hearing and other senses except sight. At the “Architect Muzaffer” campus and its immediate surroundings, three different routes were set in the workshop and six students were asked to experience these routes using a blindfold. This study shows that when somebody looses their senses, they can use other senses more effectively. Students become aware of using other senses instead of using only sense of seeing. The secondary target of this workshop is to attract the attention of educators involved in design education.


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