Changing Spatial Perceptions of Museums

Mutlu Erbay


Exhibition venues convenience in buildings owns areas are important. Exhibition venues' being authentic, mysterious, attracting and practical carries a big importance with regard to exhibition culture. Also interior areas' convenience for exhibition and visitation is substantial for planning exhibition areas.  Historical museum buildings and modern buildings are always compared to each other.  For example, a modern technology or science exhibition is expected to be held in a museum building associated with technology. When colors picked for venue background or plinths, even the frame of the art work, color of the wall, resting areas, sitting groups, shape and color of seats is directly proportional with the material, audience will intensely enjoy the exhibition.   This issue and the solutions to be find for the problems occurring belongs to interior venue designators of the museum.   In museum and gallery exhibition expert should spot the problems related to exhibition beforehand and aim to find solutions for these.


Museum architecture, exhibition, art work, changing museum, modern museum

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