Modern Diffusers for Interior Design

Havva Demirpolat


In this study; the elements of the new generation ventilation systems are explained with the general design principles of the HVAC systems. Nozzles and diffusers which are the last elements of HVAC systems are explained with examples.Latest decades, air distribution elements have become the decorative elements in the interior. Air distribution elements are the last elements which complex air conditioning system. In addition to providing air and particle movement control and thermal comfort in the interior, they are also extremely important technical equipment when considering the space design. Thanks to developing design and manufacturing technologies, the latest ventilation equipment has become extremely flexible and has aesthetic appearance. Different modern diffusers are presented with a sample application project in this study. The architectural structure considered as a case study is a complex consisting of showroom, office, sales and service departments serving in the automotive sector. The planer glass facade coating system is the determining element in architecture in general, while the interior stainless steel details and mounting elements form the basic style of the sample building. In the building which is an intensive human and vehicle movement, the glass facade provides maximum natural lighting and passive heating at the same time. For the summer months, mechanical ventilation is preferred, and the Cr-Ni ventilation equipment that provides harmony with the steel structure is the most noticeable interior detail. In this article, a wide interior analysis was carried out with installation plans and sample application visuals as well as mechanical ventilation details.


Diffuser, nozzle, large space building, HVAC, interior design

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