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Author Guidelines

ICONARP implements 2 steps submission policy for authors through the publication process:

1st - Submission of Manuscripts

2nd - Submission of Final Papers (edited according to the publishing template format)


Here are the instructions for authors to prevent delays in peer review and publication processes.

1. Preparation of Manuscripts    

The original digital copy of the manuscript in Microsoft Word format in English must be submitted to the journal via registration to the website ( All submissions will be double blind peer reviewed. 

The manuscript must contain orderly title, abstract, keywords, article including tables and figures, acknowledgement/notes (if any), references in ONE SINGLE Word document. It must be typed in double spacing by using Arial font with 12 points. All pages must be numbered sequentially. 

1.1. Cover Letter

The Cover Letter must be uploaded to the system at the submission stage as a separate pdf document. The names and signatures of all authors must be in the cover letter which can be scanned.

The cover letter must express that the manuscript has been prepared and confirmed by all authors, it is an unpublished and original work and it has not been submitted to, or is not under the review process of another journal.

Information about the article (number of figures, number of tables and number of words) must be stated in the Cover Letter.

The Cover Letter must also express "Conflict of Interest", "Financial Disclosure", "Ethics Committee Approval" and "Legal Public/Private Permissions".

Conflict of Interest:

Authors must declare any potential conflict of interest in the research. If there is no conflict of interest, the following statement must be written in the Cover Letter: “No conflict of interest was declared by the authors”.

Financial Disclosure:

Authors must acknowledge where applicable the source(s) of funding and describe the role of sponsors in the research. If a financial support was received from any fund while this article was being produced, it should be stated clearly where this support was obtained. If there is no support, the following statement must be written in the Cover Letter: “The authors declared that this study has received no financial support”.

Ethics Commitee Approval:

If an ethics committee approval was required while this article was being produced, it should be stated clearly. A proof document for Ethics Committee Approval must also be uploaded to the journal system. If there is no ethics committee approval, the following statement should be written in the Cover Letter: “Ethics committee approval was not required for this article”.

Legal Public/Private Permissions:

The following statement must be clearly given in the Cover Letter in the research carried out with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group interview, observation, and experimental techniques: “In this research, the necessary permissions were obtained from the relevant participants (individuals, institutions and organizations) during the survey, in-depth interview, focus group interview, observation or experiment.”

In addition to these, all authors should indicate their own ORCID iD in the cover letter. Registration for an ORCID iD can be completed from the website

1.2. Title

The title must include a brief and illuminating title and names, affiliations (department, faculty, university, city and country) and e-mail addresses of all authors, and identify the Corresponding Author.

1.3. Abstract

Abstract must be 300-350 words.  The abstract and the full-text must be in English. The following titles must be given and filled in the abstract in turn: Purpose, Design/Methodology/Approach, Findings, Research Limitations, Social/Practical Implications, Originality/Value. 

1.4. Keywords

The article must have maximum 5 keywords that have been aligned in alphabetical order and have been chosen carefully to ease the searches.

1.5. Article

An article must contain minimum 6000 words and maximum 8000 words. Tables and figures must be embedded in their correct places in the article. The headings must be in hierarchic order and numbered sequentially. Authors should avoid using footnotes and endnotes, if unavoidable, labels such as (1), (2) can be used and listed at the end of the page. Also, authors are suggested to control spell checking of the article.

1.6. Acknowledgement/Notes

The authors must type acknowledgements or notes (if any) in the article.

1.7. References

The references must follow the APA 7th referencing system. For details of APA 7th Referencing Style Guide, please see: 


2. Final Paper Submission

After the manuscript accepted for publication, authors must send the final version of their papers to the journal website ( via logging in. File name of the final submission must be the manuscript reference number. Final papers must also be in ONE SINGLE Microsoft Word format.

All papers must be in journals publication format through the article template. This template is sent to authors when their articles have been accepted for publication in ICONARP. Authors might be requested for revision in case of any missing information or inaccuracy. In the publication process, articles may be edited by the journal. 

Figures and tables might be requested from the authors separately in jpeg format in case of any resolution problems or insufficiency.


3. Copyright and Originality

It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permission from authors and publishers of any previously published material; text, tables, figures, photos, etc. 



Copyright Notice


1. The International Journal of Architecture and Planning (ICONARP) open access articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDeriatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This license lets the author to share (copy and redistribute) his/her article in any medium or format.

2. ICONARP cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms. Under the following terms:

The author must give appropriate credit, provide a link to ICONARP, and indicate if changes were made on the article. The author may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the ICONARP endorses the author or his/her use.

The author may not use the article for commercial purposes.

If the author remix, transform, or build upon the article, s/he may not distribute the modified material.

The author may share print or electronic copies of the Article with colleagues. 

The author may use the Article within his/her employer’s institution or company for educational or research purposes, including use in course packs. 

3. The author authorizes the International Journal of Architecture and Planning (ICONARP) to exclusively publish online his/her Article, and to post his/her biography at the end of the article, and to use the articles. 

4. The author agrees to the International Journal of Architecture and Planning (ICONARP) using any images from the Article on the cover of the Journal, and in any marketing material. 

5. As the author, copyright in the Article remains in his/her name. 

6. All papers should be submitted electronically. All submitted manuscripts must be original work that is not under submission at another journal or under consideration for publication in another form, such as a monograph or chapter of a book. Authors of submitted papers are obligated not to submit their paper for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is rendered on their submission. Further, authors of accepted papers are prohibited from publishing the results in other publications that appear before the paper is published in the Journal.