The New Systemic Re-use for Old ANAS Houses

Francesca Andrulli, Chiara Bonaiti, Alessia Silvetti


The paper is about conservation and new use of four ANAS Company houses (along the last 19-early 20 centuries roads) located on Lake Como. The conservation project is on the roadmen’s houses for workers of “ANAS", the Italian Company for building and maintenance of Italian roads.

These houses are architectural buildings that characterize the Italian intercountry streets. They have been built along Italy every 50 km, with the same typology and dark red colour. Currently they are abandoned. In these last years, ANAS Company has fired several workers and now the houses aren’t in use.

The project aims to conserve and maintain the existing materials and structures and reuse the buildings with a systemic project about accommodating functions (food and drinks).

Not just to a systemic use and to conservative interventions, during planning we make particular attention to the link among the four roadmen’s houses chosen as study cases. We want to create a slow tourism path by increasing existing cycle and pedestrian mobility.


Roadman’s house, minimum intervention, compatibility, authenticity

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