The Determination of Deteriorations on the Mısırlıoğlu Bridge (Konya, Turkey) by Non-Destructive Techniques (NDT)

Mehmet Bahadır Tosunlar, Mehmet Ergün Hatır, İsmail İnce, Ali Bozdağ, Mustafa Korkanç


Transportation has been one of the basic requirements of humanity since the earliest periods of civilization. One of the architectural structures designed to meet this requirement is historic stone bridges. One of the most important stages in these conservation works is the assessment of materials that constitute the structures. Non-destructive testing techniques (NDT) are widely used to obtain qualitative data and also make comparisons. In this study, it was aimed to determine deteriorations on the Mısırlıoğlu Bridge located in Sille settlement of Konya by NDT technique and to form the map from obtained values to perform conservation works. As a result of the analyses performed, considerable deteriorations in the building stones used in the abutments and arches of the structure were determined. Besides, it is detected that uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) value of the fresh samples is high (UCS: 61 MPa) while UCS values of the building stones used at the bridge decrease in the range of low and high (8-51 MPa) due to the atmospheric effects.


Deterioration, Konya, Mısırlıoğlu Bridge, non-destructive tests (NDT), Sille

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